Monday, July 18, 2005


Passed by the (Our Town) Whore Home on my way to lunch with Rainman. The Whore was outside trying to clean the first letter of (Our Town) off the fence. That sounds so bad - I really don't know if she's a whore. She didn't look like one. She wasn't dressed in spandex and lace. There wasn't a bulge of condom packages in her back pocket. Poor woman. Whatever cleaning product she was using just wasn't doing the job.Met Rainman for lunch at a local pizza/sub place. We had sandwiches - he had a Reuben and I had a club wrap. I told Rainman about The Whore. I told him my idea of the scenario behind the graffiti on her fence. She was in an unhappy marriage and fooled around. They got divorced (or are getting a divorce) and she got the house. The bitter husband decided to express his anger through a little creative writing.Later in the parking lot, Rainman tried to get away with just a peck good-bye so I grabbed him and gave him a good kiss and nuzzled his neck. He responded by pinching my rear so I smacked his hand. As he walked away to his work truck, I called out, "You smell good." He responded, "Well, I haven't worked much today." Heh.